Growing in biodegradable pots

All of our plants are grown in special biodegradable pots made using moulds of a mixture of  80% plant fiber and cellulose, 20% blonde peat moss and  water without chemicals,  compressed and "baked". They are completely biodegradable.
One of their strong points is that they don't need holes to drain the water as their walls are permeable to both air and water. This favours the growth and health of the many roots, at the same time avoids root spiraling.

The advantages of  biodegradable pots.
As well as favouring air circulation in the subsoil, the permeability of the walls also guarantees  homogeneous water distribution from the top down and vicaversa. This is due to the capillary effect that takes place by the plant fiber which is mainly arranged vertically in the walls. Thanks to the homogeneous and constant presence of water and air in the subsoil the development of all the root systems of our plants is optimum in all levels of the soil at 360 degrees.

It is also due to the effect of the permeability  that when each root reaches the wall of the pot its growth is stopped, its section increases and it develops numerous secondary roots which in turn repeat the aforementioned cycle.
It is obvious that a plant which puts its roots down and grows in an ideal situation, such as those which only this type of pot can guarantee, will be healthy, rigorous and resistant to the inevitable shock of transport and replanting, thanks to the elevated quantity and quality of the roots.

When it is replanted, the plant cultivated in a biodegradable pot will allow for further important benefits:
no time wasting in the removal of the pots or their disposal.
The possibility to use young plants with reduced dimensions (they are the best as they adapt perfectly to the conditions of space and form of their designated site and their growth is harmonious and compatible.)
they take root in nearly 100% of cases followed shortly by a fantastic vegetative regrowth.
No environmental problems linked to the disposal of plastic
consistent production quality with almost no waste.



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